Paradise in Ruins - K Dodd

Paradise in Ruins

By K Dodd

  • Release Date: 2018-09-07
  • Genre: Policier et suspense


A couple in love. A romantic getaway. The deadly trap which changes their lives forever.

Corporate manager, Tarquinn "Quinn" Dorsey's life is far from perfect. But even with its ups and downs, her relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Reed McKinney is familiar — her safe place. Or so she thought until a romantic getaway goes horribly wrong.

After the stress from her high-pressure job brings her to the edge of a major melt-down, Reed convinces her to take an overdue, much-needed Caribbean vacation. No deadlines. No back-stabbing office politics. Just lazy days spent in the embracing tropical sun.

But, from the moment they arrive in paradise, Quinn is convinced she's being watched and followed. Their escape from reality quickly turns into a nightmare when sleazy, local café owner Gilbert Clark deceives the couple, causing Quinn's spiral into a drug-induced abyss of which there is no escape.

Sinking deeper into a black hole of wanton self-destruction, Quinn is introduced to a diabolical billionaire, Grant Damon, who has one agenda — an elaborate scheme to trap and hold her captive for his indulgences, which includes prostitution and human trafficking. Lost in the stupor of addiction, Quinn doesn't realize that Damon is keeping dark secrets, and his mind games and manipulation of her has only just begun. 

Shattered and demoralized by Quinn's plummet, Reed is sure he will never entirely trust anyone ever again. Prepared to walk away, he learns the horrific truth behind the elaborate deception and recognizes Gilbert may be the only person he can trust to save his girlfriend from a torturous death. Together the unlikely duo must join forces to rescue Quinn from the ruthless billionaire.

The only thing is everyone on the island, which Damon controls, is out to stop the pair. With time running out, all of their lives are about to change . . . forever.

Paradise in Ruins, the first installment in a series of gripping suspense novels. If you like shadowy characters, razor-sharp wit, and twists and turns that take the reader to the edge, you'll savor the first book in The Chosen Series, a thrilling suspense novel. 

Get your copy of Paradise in Ruins and satisfy your craving for something different.

NOTE TO READERS: This is Book one in a continuing story, and it is NOT a standalone novel. It contains a cliffhanger ending. Installments one through three (The Chosen Series) must be read in order.